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About me

My name is Robert Arts, I was born in The Netherlands in 1975. For my 14th birthday I got a compact camera from my aunt. I'm still very gratefull for this gift, because it gave me access to the world of photography. I was already addicted to aviation and took this camera to the second airshow I attended two months later. I discovered I needed a lot more if I wanted to take descent action pictures at such an event. More experience of course, but also better equipment. A year later I pursuaded my father to buy a SLR and a 100-300 mm zoom lens. And so my addiction to photography started.

Because of my interest in aviation, but also in all fast mechanical things, my main specialisation is action photography. I like to travel and try to have a camera with me everytime I go abroad, whether it is for business or travel. Nowadays with our smart phones that's easy. I like cities, as a fomer student of architecture I'm fond of man made structures. But I also like the forces and results of raw nature, especially the impact of light. Photography is playing with the available light. The best light you get is during sunrise and sunset, in spring and autumn. But I'm also very interested in night photography.

After graduation from the Technical University of Delft I quickly bought my first DSLR. After that I invested in high spec lenses. The last years new DSLR's replaced my first one.

Photographing is a hobby for me. I enjoy making them and I'm proud when I see them published in magazines or books or displayed around the world.

Photographing friends of mine sometimes speak of a "Robert plaat'. 'Plaat' is Dutch for picture. A 'Robert plaat' consists of certain elements and a typical form or composition. Do you recognize the 'Robert platen' on these pages? Let me know if you do!

Robert Arts